Good Morning, Sunshine

by Shortstraw



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released April 22, 2013



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Shortstraw Johannesburg, South Africa

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Track Name: Couch Potato
Simmer down, young couch potato
You forgot your square eyes
Come on back to bed my darling
You forgot your bedroom eyes

Cheer up!
Has something got you down?
Something's got you down.

Ante up, you're so gullible
You've got those snake eyes
Come back down to earth my angel
You forgot your head light on

Growing up, you've been watching too much TV
With no self control, love
This isn't the movies
Buckle up now, son

You grew up!
Cos you've been knocked around
You've been knocked around.

So Cheer up!
Don't let it get you down
Cos nothing's got you down.
Track Name: Gimme My Fix (It's Only Recreational)
Gimme my fix
Write your number down on this card
Next to the little picture of a telephone
These hi-jinx
Have got me all worked up
Now I need my medication
So gimme my fix
I just need one small taste
And I know I'm addicted to you
These graphics!
After one hit from you makes
The world seem so lifelike

But slow down
I'm freaking out

Snap back, heart attack
You're just like a ticket to the sun
Slap on your own sunscreen
Nah, I'm alright
I can find my own way home
What's it to you Betty Boo?

Gimme my fix
I want to melt you down so I can shoot you up
So I can feel you swimming inside of my veins
These graphics
After one hit from you makes
The world seem so lifelike

Settle down, it's only recreational.
Track Name: Good Morning, Sunshine
Carly Fraser!
Fancy meeting you at a bar like this
A few drinks later…
What say we take this party back to my house?

Break habits every time
This happens when I see you out
Make mistakes
Self control is such a whore the night before

You're such a bitch in the morning

It's time to wake up
It's time to pack all of your dreams away
Sans your makeup
It's scary waking up next to your morning face
(You're forced to say)

You know that dying feeling
Track Name: Cold Shoulder
Cold shoulder to cry on
Hold me closer tonight
There's a wounded soldier to mend
So hold me closer tonight

You take sides
We both take sides
And it's so old
Track Name: Bikini Weather
Skinny bitches, you're so difficult
Just invite me in
Let's do breakfast in the afternoon
Let's do scones and tea
We can spend our riches on our way home
Living comfortably
Watch it go out the window
Oh, so innocently

You're such a robot, oh
You're such a robot, no
Such a robot - All senses go
(Take it to the Matthew's bridge)

We can divide our interests, set our boundaries
We can compromise
And when you're lonely, we can go out
We can socialise
And so we'll converse, we can chit-chat
It's so predictable
It's getting stale, so monotonous
Let's make things interesting

We'll start a rumour, oh
Start a rumour, no
Starting rumours - All senses go
(Take it to the Steven's bridge)

Drop the beat down and give me a reason why
You've gotta be skinny for the summer season
This is bikini weather!
Suck in your gut and push out your chest
Cos you gotta look thin to fit in that dress
This is bikini weather!

To the world, you're so cynical
Open your eyes - You're being difficult
Because you're sitting on top of the world
Track Name: Mo Money (Featuring Zubz)
It's a common misconception that
Your looks will improve
Just like the more you drink, girl
The better you move
But you're getting sassy and
What I've found is that
We better hit the bar
Cos it's final rounds

Now fill up your cup, it's getting empty
You're getting drunk, I'm getting thirsty
Take off your top, it's getting toasty
You're getting drunk, you're feeling frisky

Ha ha ha!
Girl, you're so funny
Let's take some drugs, let's spend some money
Ha ha ha!
Let's spend some money!

Now just lock your arm in my arm
And I'll escort you outside
Just to catch your breath
Before you change your mind
Hold your hand in my hand
As we sit down at this table
I'll laugh at all your jokes
I'll scoff at all your fables

Even though we hardly started
I can tell it's going to be a party
And when it gets loud and rowdy
I bet you're gonna wanna make it about your body
Girl, you know that vibe
Gets in your viens and you just can't help it
Good girls go bad, go wild
Stress on the brain - heat it up, melt it
Let it drip to the floor
I want to see your primal side
Now when you can't skip anymore
That's the cue for one final round

It's nothing personal
I'm just not touching your body
Let's start a war
If you're feeling naughty
Track Name: LCBSS
Went out just as best friends
Come back and now we're known as these lovers
Boldly going to sneak in after curfew
Gotta tiptoe past the grass to your window
Silently love

Went well until the bedroom
You gotta try to work to keep these levels down
This hullabaloo is going to wake your parents
And I'm not ready to be introduced
While I'm inside you

Sorry for everything
Sorry for everything else too
Sorry for the missed appointments
Sorry for the fact that you were late
Life can be so shitty sometimes

All cards on the table
It's getting hard to read your poker face
Your bluffing needs work
No church, no steeple
Our love was never meant to fit the mould
It's getting hot in here
(Holy sister)

(I'm so)
Sorry for everything
Sorry for everything else too
Sorry for the disappointment
Sorry for the fact that you're alone
Life can be so shitty sometimes

I can be so shitty sometimes
Track Name: Say My Name
Say my name when you say you love me
Engrave our names into a tree
So we're permanently etched into the earth
For all to see
Just you and me

Say my name when you say you hate me
We'll reconcile and start it from scratch
We're so indifferently in love and it seems
It's just you and me
Don't mean to be mean, but

Stop being so sweet and sour
And let the night unwind
Don't be such a prude and open up a bottle of wine
Something to set your lips on

We could stare for days
But I'd still get lost in your eyes
Some kind of paradise

Say my name when you're in ecstasy
Engrave your nails into my back
We're so in sync now, we're permanently
Fused into one
It's just wrong

Stop being so sweet and sour
And let the night unwind
Don't be such a prude and open up another bottle of wine
Something to sink your teeth into
Track Name: Boxing Day
A bunch of things that we've already said
There's too much going on inside your head
As our clothes fall to the floor
It's all shit that we have done before

If only you weren't so predictable
I'm black and blue
But I've got this swelling under control

Before you explode
(This won't end well)
A little bit of sugar makes the medicine taste sweeter
So don't explode
Because I'll never get the satisfaction if you let me win

This reminds me of when we first met
A night out that I never won't forget
You said, "Why should I waste my time?"
And I have been denied

If only you weren't so unpredictable
I'm black, you're blue
But we've got this swelling under control

Where are my manners, let me take off your dress
There's nothing on your body that I wouldn't caress
Let's be polite, let me turn on the lights
There's no use fumbling around when you're in your dressing gown

Cos you'd do it yourself if I wasn't such a gentleman

Don't look now
Im staring down your dressing gown
Don't be so proud
It's nothing I haven't seen before
Track Name: The Wedding Blues (Featuring Shane Durrant)
Hey Dave, you're getting married today!
Mazeltov! Man, I must say
Your future father-in-law looks so strung out
Cos there is an open bar and I'm parched
You see, I've got a bone to pick with you
You've sat me next to your aunt who looks long overdue
For a dental cleaning and that got me thinking
Am I in the mood for fish or chicken

Something blue, something borrowed
Something old, something novel
Here's to you, you handsome devil
Bottoms up - this shit's forever!

Hey Dave, your bride looks so good today
With that wine on her dress and that look on her face
While we bust a move to this band or DJ
Let's start the conga, shit gon' get cray cray!

Well where to begin, he is my best friend
Ruining his big day is tradition
I've got jokes about when we were teenagers
That time you pooped your pants in high school
Got stories about when we got so wasted
Went to the mall naked, murdered that homeless dude
I'm offending everyone, just threw up on your mom
The bridesmaids are sexy, except for that fat one
Shooting Apple Sourz, I fell off the stage
I've got jokes for hours, I've got jokes for days
Ima close it with a classic, it's a sure thing
If I'm the best man, why are you marrying him?

Raise your glasses to your faces
Let's get blasted, let's get wasted
Track Name: Backbone
Take out your backbone
You don't deserve a spine
There's no need to back down
I'm not looking for a fight
And we bop around town
Oh, what an awkward night
I can feel it in my bones
You look so radiant tonight

So scandalous
I never meant to break open your heart
But you made it so easy, so simple
Dear catalyst
You weren't exactly easy to forget
Now I'm just a prime example
If only it had just been sex

I apologise
I just needed to break a heart
To deal with this heartbreak
But you saw it coming from the start
You little vixen
You little light shining in the dark
I'm just overly smitten
And scared that we'll never be apart

If only it had just been sex
But you made it so hard
Now you're just a bitter memory
You're just a memory

If only it had just been sex
But you made it so hard
Now I'm just a bitter memory
I'm still a memory
Track Name: 127 Hours
It took you all night to see
It took me all night to get you next to me
Cos you're too hard to read
I just took a hit of ecstasy
The room is spinning all around me
But you're still next to me
So I ask if you want to leave
You said you needed to get going
So you came home with me
We made a bit of light love
We figured we'd figure it out in the morning
So we ate breakfast early

Walking out the door
Is so dishonourable
But sleeping on the floor
Is so fucking uncomfortable

And a few months passed by
We ran into each other at the movies
And avoided eye contact
You got some popcorn
I got myself a berry smoothie
And we entered separately
But then when I sat down
You were sitting right beside me
And I couldn't concentrate
So I said a little "Hey love!"
And you continued to ignore me
So I just watched the movie

Piranha in 3D disappointed me

You're sleeping on my arm
I'll cut off my numb arm
But I don't have a knife
So I'll gnaw off my numb arm
You're sleeping on my arm
I'll saw off my numb arm
How did we get here?
These are my drunk eyes